Rental Pricing List

All pricing includes set up and clean up time. Your rental includes use of our inventory and backyard.

Weekend pricing

Friday - Sunday

$100 / hour

$600 / full day

Have a big day planned? Our customizable concept is perfect for any event. We don’t require a caterer, so you are free to bring in any food and drink you prefer. We are BYOB for private events!

Weekday pricing

Monday - Thursday

$50 / hour

$300 / full day

Need space on a budget? Do it on a weekday of your choice. With only a 2-hour minimum, you can rent our space as a private working space, team meeting space, board game night, etc!

Additional Fees

Cleaning Deposit

+ $100

Collected for every booking. You can opt to either:

(1) We keep the fee for cleaning purposes so that you can do the bare minimum, or

(2) Receive a refund if you:
- move inventory items back into the basement in the designated spot where you found it
- clean up any sticky spills with paper towels and cleaning sprays provided
- put all trash bags into garbage bins in the backyard

Interested in renting Room 244 for a Recurring Event either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?

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We’re looking for dedicated leaders and entrepreneurs who want to run their own workshop, meditation, yoga, reiki, class, massage, studio, etc. sessions at Room 244 with a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly contract. You can ticket your event or charge your clients how you wish, and we’ll take the same flat rental fee that we’ll agree upon in a meeting. You’ll have complete control over session and how you want to run it. Just complete a form and we’ll arrange a meeting with you to discuss things further.

Apply Here

Laura & Tara

Two sisters who banded together to work on a passion project. Proudly Philly born and raised, they have always geared their entrepreneurial work on bettering the neighborhoods they grew up in.

Get directly in touch with Laura!

Interested in renting the space temporarily? Give us some specifics and we’ll set up a visit.

(20 seated or 40 standing max)

These dates are flexible.We will need to mount things to the wall. Plaster service additional $50